Professional Development

The Intentional Teacher Series:

  • Diversity, Inclusion & Cultural Competence in the Curriculum –  Our world is richly diverse. Intentionally sharing the beauty of diversity with students is a top priority in preparing them for future success.  This PLS series is designed to get educators thinking about how every face, every race, and genders are represented in the classroom lessons, both verbally and visually. What texts are in the classroom library? What faces are posted on the walls? Together, we will intentionally address this issue. 

  • First Years First – A staggering number of teachers experience burn out during the first three years of their career.  This program provides intensive, focused support for beginning teachers.

  • Data Driven Instruction – A program designed to guide teachers in assessing student knowledge, analyzing assessment results, and acting on those results; three steps that are critical when striving to increase academic achievement. 

  • Differentiated Instruction – Differentiated instruction has become a buzz phrase in education, but what does it really mean?  Furthermore, how can it help you be more effective with those students on the fringes?  This program will help you identify those strategies. 

  • Reaching for Rigor – Instructors that can encourage their students to think more critically can truly influence the trajectory of a student’s ability to learn in the classroom.  Are you providing your students with the environment to challenge themselves?  This program will help teachers do just that.

  • Mind Matters – Like the famous poem, Don’t Quit says, “Success is failure turned inside out.”  Understanding that achievement is often the result of multiple failures and celebrating the determination to keep trying is important for continued growth and development of both educators and students.  This program will help teachers maintain their passion for learning, and help them do the same for their students.

  • Venturing into Vocabulary Instruction – Our vocabulary has a direct correlation with our ability to express ourselves in the English language.  Understanding the difference between, and identifying the benefits of teaching both domain and academic specific vocabulary is paramount to building these skills.  This program will help instructors better arm their students with the vocabulary that will make them more effective communicators.

  • Real, Relevant, Reflection – Purposefully reflecting on professional practices is the key to growth and development.  Strengthening professional practices, enriches student learning.  What practices will enrich the learning process in your classroom?  This program will help you determine that.

  • Tech Talk – Effectively incorporating technology into the classroom is essential in preparing our 21st century learners.  What technology is best for your teachers and students?  This program will define your needs and help you determine the right solution.

  • Let’s Get Engaged – Whoever is doing the talking is doing the learning.  Who’s carrying the conversation in your classrooms, and how can you get more students engaged?  This Program will help.

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